Art I Major is a full year art course in which students will explore in depth a variety of artistic techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Students will learn the principles of design and experiment with the elements of art. Art I Major will also have an art history component. There will be studio and art history homework assignments.

Curriculum: ART I MAJOR


Round Drawing – This drawing focuses on learning form and volume through creating an abstract landscape with charcoal.








Still Life Drawing –  Students learn about the principles of design, how to create a composition, and how to exhibit form, volume, perspective, value and texture in a drawing.


Popcorn or Acorn Drawing – Students learn how to enlarge a small object and how to create a variety of values using charcoal.


Large Scale Hand Drawing – Students learn about color theory, chalk pastel techniques, and anatomy by creating a large scale hand drawing.


Portrait Drawing – Students learn the basic proportions of the face and head through various drawing exercises and projects.

Life Figure Drawing Students learn the basic proportions of the figure and how to draw a realistic figure in varying types of media.

Movement Drawing – Students learn about the Futurist Movement in Art History and then create their own drawing that focuses on Movement.

Complementary Color Tempera PaintingStudents learn how to use tempera paint, the different types of paint brushes, and color theory.


Creative Self-Portraits