Posted by: mscaracciolo | September 4, 2010

NEH Oaxaca 2010

2010 National Endowment for the Humanities, Mesoamerican Cultures and their Histories: Spotlight on Oaxaca

July 12 – Oaxaca City, Class in Santo Domingo Cultural Center, Santo Domingo Church

July 13 – Monte Alban with Dr. Spores

Zapotec Ball Court

Juego de pelota was the ball game played by ancient Mesoamericans. The game involved ritual events, including mediation among groups and sacrifices. The ball represented the sun passing overhead.   The court had stepped structures on either side that were plastered over to make a smooth surface. The ball bounced off walls.   The players moved the ball with their hips trying to reach the goal that was near the top of the wall. Balls were made from solid rubber and their size and weight varied.

July 25 – Check out a film of the Guelaguetza Parade by Gaby Martinez

July 28 – San Marcos Tlapazola


PrintasProtest1 (power point)    PRINTASPROTEST      Print as Protest WEBQUEST.

OAXStreetArt (power point)  StreetArtinOaxaca

OaxCodice (power point)    VisualCommunicationthroughCodices

Notes on Codices

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